Kenneth Dowling

I have been involved in DYAC since attending my first DignityUSA convention in 2012. I’m a lifelong Catholic, originally from the SF Bay Area, who have lived in San Diego, DC, and Iowa, and now live in Chicago. I co-chaired DYAC in 2015-2017 and am excited to do so again. I also served on the Board of Dignity Washington from 2012-2015, in young adult group leadership at an LGBT-affirming parish in San Francisco from 2018-19, and on the national Board of Dignity USA from 2020-21. Outside of church, I just earned my PhD in clinical psychology and completed my dissertation on religious identity and internalized homophobia.

Inspired by the Francis papacy and D/USA’s new strategic vision, I envision Dignity as the center of the LGBTQ Catholic coalition and a major player in the LGBTQ faith-based movement. Although our members may not worship in person in local chapters, I want us to keep providing community, advocacy opportunities, and sacraments otherwise denied to us. I plan to increase young adult, Latinx, and cis/hetero ally involvement, strengthen our online presence, network with new LGBT Catholic and Christian groups, and turn Dignity to the future.

Madeline Marlett

I found DignityUSA in September of 2020, and joined the DYAC group in April of 2021. Dignity has become a large part of my life as I am active with the Dignity Women’s Caucus, the Dignity Boston Chapter and DYAC. I was born and raised Catholic and very happy to have found a Catholic faith community that finally feels like home.

Moved by the continued love and support I have received since finding Dignity, my foremost goal is to reach others so they can experience the same trans-formative love I have. I hope to organize college out-reach efforts so that our LGBTQ siblings know there is a community of faith for them. I see DYAC as the next generation of activists to push our society and religious institutions to greater acceptance and affirming celebration.

Don’t be a stranger, feel free to reach out and lets work together to make the DYAC community something really special.