Your Leaders

Christopher Flow

I have been an active attendee of Dignity Washington for almost 3 years and a member for 2 years, but I first gained knowledge of Dignity in my coming out process in college. Dignity USA’s resources on being LGBTQ and catholic helped me in accepting myself. Since being involved at Dignity/Washington, I have become a board member of our chapter and in July attended the Dignity USA conference in Boston. In Boston, I meet Dignity USA members from across the country and particularly the members of DYAC. The discussions on the future of Dignity USA and the young adults show just how much is changing in the organization and the importance of a connected, vocal and supportive DYAC membership. From that conference, and my other experiences at my local chapter, I believe the young adults across the US have a responsibility in ensuring Dignity USA continues to be a strong organization, addressing the issues of our day.

I hope to be part of coming up with action items that DYAC members can take on within our local chapters, or for those of us without a local chapter within our lives, to be more welcoming, using all the resources available to us across our chapters to support and stay connected. As someone with digital and video expertise, I want to build a library of supportive materials, from discussions and homilies to interviews and stories of the diverse Dignity USA membership and chapters. My first action item as a co-chair would be getting the retreat planned from picking a location and dates to finding a guest speaker or retreat leader that addresses topics important to DYAC. Thank you for all for your role in Dignity at the national or local level. I hope to be able to continue that passion and through learning more about all the DYAC members, strengthen our caucus and in turn Dignity USA.


DYAC is looking for more leaders! Interested in being a young voice for Dignity USA, send us a message with your interest. We have 2 open positions.