2018 Dignity Young Adult Caucus Retreat

July 13-15, 2018
Denver, Colorado

As the younger members of Dignity chapters around the country, we are the next generation of Dignity.

This year the DYAC retreat will be held in Denver, Colorado from July 13-15, 2018. After holding our last three retreats in the East and Midwest, we look forward to holding our next retreat in Denver at the University of Denver. As you know, this year is Dignity USA’s Jubilee year, and DYAC is bringing that into our retreat, with some focus on the present and future of Dignity and how the young adults can lead the future growth of Dignity.

This retreat is a time to strengthen the friendships we’ve forged over the years, renew our commitment to DignityUSA, and to grow personally. We’ll return to our home chapters and communities spiritually renewed in our faith and our fellowship, and ready to be a light and lead the way forward. More details, including our guest speaker and theme are to come.

Your registration to attend the retreat includes your room and board. You will be responsible for travel to the conference. If you need assistance with these costs please note such while registering.

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Draft Schedule

6 p.m.         Supper
6:45 p.m.   Welcome/Introductions/Announcements (logistics)/Rules of Engagement/Prayer
7:30 p.m.   Ice Breakers
8 p.m.         Group Dialogue Session
— Around the room intros
— Hopes for the retreat?
— What’s happening in you community/Chapter?
9:30 p.m.   Social/ hang out  

8 a.m.             Breakfast
9 a.m.             Main Facilitator Led Retreat Session
12 p.m.           Lunch
1 p.m.             Continuing Retreat with Facilitator
6 p.m.            Conclude for the Day
6:30 p.m.     Dinner With Dignity Denver
8:30 p.m.     Evening Activities

8 a.m.            Breakfast
9 a.m.            Sunday Future Looking Session Start (Led by DYAC leaders and USA Board)
— Jubilee Year / DYAC future…
11:15 a.m.     Closing lay-led liturgy
12 p.m.          Lunch

DYAC Retreat Complete but Please Join us in the Afternoon in going to 5 p.m. Mass at Dignity Denver before leaving Town. We will be planning something to fill the time between the end of our retreat activities and Mass. 

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We are also asking for support for chapters and individuals. We appreciate any financial support to help in planning and ensuring anyone who wants to can attend. 

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