December Call Minutes

In Attendance
Onslow Keith


Retreat update:
Big thanks to Sam (and others) for providing framework for the retreat.

The date and location has been selected as July 13-15th, 2018 in Denver, CO. University of Denver will be the location

We hope to finalize the contract in the coming week. Was unable to get it done this past week with delays from University of Denver with the Holidays.

A generic agenda was provided which consisted of a start Friday evening at 6 p.m. with dinner and endes Sunday morning.

Travel scholarships will be offered to those in need of assistance attending to help with travel. Registration will be $50 per person.

Registration to open in January. Registrets will be asked: need for scholarships, food restrictions, room requests (single/double).

An email will go out the first week of January to all Dignity Chapters asking for support. The request will include an ask for funds for DYAC as well as support of any Young adults in their chapter to encourage and if needed help sponsor their attendance

Fundraising ideas:
Krispy Kreme fundraiser and maybe others
Eucharistic Adoration
pancake dinner
community events

Leader of the Retreat
Louis Mitchell – Chris has reached out to him as a leader or for suggestions on a colleague

Nadia Bolz-Webber

Look to the Speakers at Gay Christian Network that is being held in Jan as it is taking place in Denver


Other Comments:
Sam: thanks for hard work

Martin mentions view of the Dignity USA board

Looking back and looking forward should/could be included in the retreat

Mentioned a few members are not connected to a local community

Francis: sharing or storytelling to bring us together included within the retreat

Sam: prayers as part of the retreat

Other Updates:

2nd/3rd phase of Dignity USA Jubilee questionnaire will be taking place during the retreat. Good opportunity for focusing on those tasks.

Thank you to all who participated in the survey sent out by the Catholic Church on the Synod on the Youth and who send in feedback. It will be put into a statement with Marianne’s assistance in response to the Synod

Thank you all for attending. If there are any additional comments you can always reach out to the DYAC leadership or post on the DYAC Facebook.